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Arched Prayer Rugs

Arched Prayer Rugs

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Experience sacred moments of prayer with our Moroccan Arch Prayer Rugs. Crafted for comfort and focus, these rugs feature a unique Moroccan arch shape, velvety softness and a minimal design to enhance your prayers. Choose from three serene colors: Dawn (peachy nude), Moondust (gray) and Cloud (white). Elevate your prayer experience with the perfect blend of style and tranquility. 

    Features + Benefits

    • Unique Moroccan Arch Shape: Enhances the visual and spiritual experience.
    • Crafted for Comfort: Provides comfort and coziness during prayer for a serene experience. 
    • Minimal Design: Reduces distractions, promoting a focused prayer experience.
    • Multiple Colors: Choose from three colors -- Dawn, Moondust and Cloud to match your aesthetic.
    • Convenient Size: 31.5 x 47.24 inches for optimal praying space.

    Care Instructions

    Preserving the Beauty of Your Prayer Rug

    We want your prayer rug to be a cherished companion on your spiritual journey. Here are some care tips:

    Upon receiving your prayer rug, allow it to lay flat. This helps fade any folding lines that may have occurred during shipping.

    When not in use, consider rolling your prayer rug instead of folding it. Rolling helps minimize creases and ensures that your rug stays in optimal condition.

    Regular Use:
    The more you use your prayer rug, the more it becomes a part of your spiritual routine. Over time, any minor creases from storage will naturally diminish as you lay it out for prayer.

    Gentle Cleaning:
    If needed, spot clean your prayer rug with a damp cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals or vigorous scrubbing to preserve the integrity of the fabric and design.

    Embrace the Journey:
    Remember, like any cherished item, your prayer rug may develop its own unique character over time, telling the story of your spiritual growth and devotion.

    By following these simple care instructions, you'll ensure that your prayer rug remains a beautiful and meaningful part of your spiritual practice.

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